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Use the hashtag #louboutinworld or #louboutinhomme when wearing Monsieur Louboutin’s creations for a chance to be featured on our page!

For employment opportunities at Christian Louboutin, please visit our LinkedIn page. Alternatively, we invite you to send your application to: [email protected]

For press inquiries we invite you to send an email to: [email protected]

We are not looking for new partners. However you are welcome to send an email about your business to our Customer Service team : [email protected], who will forward it to the wholesale department for future consideration.

Our company is persistently fighting the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit Christian Louboutin products.

Our Legal Team has implemented a “zero tolerance” policy and has notably removed countless websites selling counterfeit and infringing Christian Louboutin merchandise. Despite our constant efforts, websites appear and disappear every day. Therefore, we suggest you protect yourself by purchasing only via authorized retailers, or directly on our online boutique or in our physical stores.

To find out more about our anti-counterfeiting initiatives, please visit our Stopfake dedicated page.

Authenticity of Christian Louboutin goods relies on numerous factors, therefore company policy requires us to view merchandise in person to determine authenticity.

The party shipping the package is liable for all shipping charges.

If the merchandise is deemed counterfeit, it will be confiscated and you will be provided with an official letter confirming reception of fake Christian Louboutin goods. Such statements are only dispatched upon reception of fake goods.

On the contrary, if goods turn out to be authentic, they will be returned to you.

Please visit our Stopfake dedicated page and contact our Stopfake Team to see if you are eligible for the authentication process.

Our boutiques do not deliver authenticity or non-authenticity certificates neither does our online boutique.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide authenticity services when purchases are made through private vendors such as consignment shops or online auction websites.

To report a website selling fake Christian Louboutin products, please visit our Stopfake dedicated page and contact our Stopfake team through the contact form or through the built-in proprietary online store checker.

For all information regarding our Christian Louboutin boutiques in Europe or our products, please contact our European Customer Service team from Monday to Friday 9AM to 6:30PM and Saturday 9AM to 6PM (GMT+1).