You've got a message!

You've got a message!

The section VISIT A BOUTIQUE will allow you to locate the nearest boutique to you. You will also find their contact details and opening hours.

You can find the opening hours, as well as the exceptional closing or opening dates of our Christian Louboutin stores, by checking the VISIT A BOUTIQUE section on our website. You can find these details by clicking on the button « More information » for each boutique.

You can purchase a gift voucher in any of our Christian Louboutin boutiques. However, please note that this service is not available on the Christian Louboutin online boutique.

Gift vouchers are only valid within Christian Louboutin boutiques in the country of purchase

For further information regarding this service, we invite you to contact us from Monday to Saturday 9AM to 7PM (GMT+1).

We do offer a tax free service within our Christian Louboutin boutiques, under certain conditions. For further information we invite you to visit our boutiques or to contact us from Monday to Saturday 9AM to 7PM (GMT+1).

Please note that products which have undergone a tax refund can neither be returned nor exchanged, nor refunded. Our online boutique does not offer a tax free service. The products purchased from Christian Louboutin online boutique include VAT.

Christian Louboutin boutiques hold sales on a selection of seasonal styles during the official local sales dates. Our sales are only available in store.

Please note that discounted products cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.

Christian Louboutin online boutique never holds sales nor offers discounts.

By clicking on “Availability in store” on an item page, you can check in which store this item may be available. Please note that product availability cannot be guaranteed as our stocks in boutique change frequently.
"Limited stocks" indicates that a low quantity of the item is currently available in the store.
To confirm your reservation, please call or message our ambassadors for the selected boutique.

You can select one of the stores offering the service once you have clicked the button "Book an Appointment". The book an appointment service is available in Italy, United-Kingdom and France.

You can book your appointment from the website homepage, in the "BOUTIQUES" section, and then clicking on "BOOK AN APPOINTMENT".