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Loubiworld collection, from fantasies to fragrances

Loubiworld collection, from fantasies to fragrances

Inside Christian Louboutin’s dreams

Close your eyes and experience the journey through Christian Louboutin’s imagination.

  1. Loubirouge
    Eau de Parfum 90ml

From floral to opulent fragrances

Inspired by the designer’s memories, fantasies, and dreams, each scent is a key that unlocks an entire universe.


Time for some magic!

To bring each fragrance to life, Christian Louboutin collaborated with a friend, Hélène Tran, whose ethereal designs echo both the poetry and humor of each universe.

  1. Loubifunk
    Eau de Parfum 90ml

A journey through senses

Experience the cool, crisp hit of fresh florals on a summer day or fall head over heels for the heady sensuality of opulent base notes.


Find your own fragrance

In search of the ideal fragrance? The Loubiworld profiler will guide you to find the fragrance that best suits you. Experience the Loubiworld journey!