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Loubiworld fragrance collection

Loubiworld takes you on a journey through the imagination of the designer.
Each perfume, from the lightest to the most intense, unveils a personal
memory, a fantasy, or a dream.

Ready to take off?

The journey began with a collection of 7 unisex fragrances. Each bottle
lacquered with red is crowned with a fantastical cap, and each fragrance
is a personal story from the creator.

Time for some magic!

An olfactive adventure to discover, from floral to opulent fragrances. Find

The journey continues

Led by the shining desert sun, the odyssey carries on with three eaux de
parfum intenses, full of fascinating symbols.
This time, the glass bottle is lacquered with a deep burgundy,
illuminated by the orange-gold rays of three sophisticated caps.

A splash of freshness

Christian Louboutin reveals Loubimar, eau de parfum légère, a travel
to his Portugese Fisherman House. Loubihorse, the new eau de parfum
légère is inspired by the designer’s underwater dreams.