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You've got a message!


The following payment methods can be used

  • VISA

We don't accept any payment plans, except via and according to Paypal conditions. The only means of payment that are accepted on the online boutique are personal credit cards (other than business cards) of which the cardholder must physically reside at the billing address. The billing information declared during the order must correspond to the cardholder.

Moreover, only credit and debit cards registered in the European countries serviced by the online boutique are accepted. 

Your card will only be charged when the order is shipped. Please know that your bank will freeze the funds once the bank authorization has been accorded; however, no funds will be captured until the shipment.

The Christian Louboutin online boutique is a secure website and acknowledges the 3D Secure™ payment system.

This system protects your card against unauthorized use by sending you a private password each time that you purchase products online.

This service must be activated by the bank which issued the card. To be able to make easy and safe purchases, a lock will appear in the upper left hand corner of your browser while you make your payment on the Christian Louboutin online boutique.

The Christian Louboutin online Boutique does not accept the following methods of payment: payment plans, bank transfers, international credit cards and debit cards.

You can place your order as long as the billing and shipping addresses are both situated in the same European country serviced by the online boutique.