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Christian Louboutin Opens a New Boutique in Milan

Milan, September 2021

Louboutin invites you to explore his latest adventure… Italian style!

The very first Milanese boutique gathering men’s and women’s collections under the same roof is now opening! Imagined as a temporary space, the new Milan boutique reflects Louboutin’s signature visual aesthetic, whilst also paying homage to Christian’s very first boutique, which opened its doors in 1991.

“I imagined this ephemeral space as a tribute to my first store in Paris Galerie Vero Dodat. The decor is hand drawn onto the walls, the brushstrokes are transformed into mirrors, tools forgotten by the craftsmen, who left in a hurry, are transformed into shelves. Come and discover the collections of men's and women's shoes and leather goods”

The color red is, of course, apparent throughout, architectural arches add rhythm and character to the space, and decorations are painted directly onto the walls.

Upon entering the boutique, a dramatic chandelier with a Parisian ball light is suspended in the center on a brass crossbar featuring white and red tassels. Stepladders, left behind in a hurry by the craftsmen have been upcycled to showcase the shoes of the new collection, adding an artisanal touch to the lavish new boutique.

So dear to Christian Louboutin, stuffed animals like Siam elephants and lemurs from Madagascar are interspersed throughout the space in the form of varnished kraft paper replicas.

Services such as virtual appointments, and a cleaning service that births new life to Christian Louboutin sneakers are also available in the boutique.


Boutique LoubiMilano
Via Borgospesso, 4
420121 Milano

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