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Kate & Louis

Kate & Louis: double fashion trouble

From Iconoclasts to Icons

Hollywood may have its legendary duos—Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid—but in the world of fashion, two iconic shoe styles reign supreme: Kate and Louis.
Born from the delightfully irreverent imagination of Christian Louboutin, these world-renonwed silhouettes pushed the sartorial envelope and redefined the rules of luxury.
What may have been two small red-soled steps for the House of Louboutin proved to be two giant leaps for fashion-kind, and the world has never looked back.

Yes we Kate

Kate stepped onto the fashion scene in 2012. Named after top model Kate Moss, Kate is a sensual and empowering ode to the catwalker that lives inside every woman.
With her dangerous curves, sweeping décolleté, razor-sharp toe, and pin-thin stiletto heel, she was a far cry from your all-work-and-no-play pump.
Au contraire, Kate was conceived as an unapologetic celebration of unbridled femininity that blurs the line between what was then-deemed suitable for the boardroom versus the dance floor.
Whether she’s dressed simply in black leather or bedazzled from toe-to-heel, Kate proved that even your classic pump can make a bold fashion statement.

Street can be chic

Kate was preceded by a similarly insubordinate partner in crime, Louis.
Debuted as part of the House’s first men’s collection in 2009, the street-chic silhouette ushered in a stampede of luxury sneakers in its wake.
With each one of its over-500 iterations, the now-iconic silhouette called into question the limits of men’s style, creating a formal place for sportswear in the canon of men’s luxury fashion.
From courtside to centerstage, from the sidewalk to the red carpet, Louis showed the world how versatile the streatwear could truly be.