The Collaboration

To create the MEXICABA,
Christian Louboutin collaborated with Taller Maya, a Mexican foundation working to preserve traditional, local craftsmanship and ensure the long-term economic empowerment of Mayan artisans.

Taller Maya offers purpose-focused workshops where artisans who have inherited traditional Mayan crafts can gather and work together, forging a sense of community and preservation of tradition.

“ I've always had a global outlook. Working with the most wonderful artisans from all over the world is completely natural for me.”

Christian Louboutin

A Closer Look

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Hand woven Fabric

The Mexicaba features panels of eye-popping handwoven cotton, vivid Mayan embroidery.

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Traditional Ornaments

Bone beads fashioned from the horns of bulls and wooden beads painted with motifs of mythical wild beasts adorn the handles of each Mexicaba bag.

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In Christian’s words “I LOVE the lining of the new bag! The Day of the Dead sugar skulls turned into happy ghosts that keep an eye on your belongings.”

“ Even beyond the economic impact and positive social impact on more than 100 families, what everyone loves is the special energy. Working with the Christian Louboutin's team has opened our minds to new possibilities. ”

Maria-Carola Diez
Director of Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya / Taller Maya


Not just an objet d’art, the Mexicaba has a direct and positive social impact on the gifted artisans who helped bring it to life.